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SodaWax Natural Deodorant

-Bradley L, chef

-Cyndi M, runner


-Freddie B, mason


-Patricia G, athlete


 -Jason H, glassblower


-Cyndi M, yoga instructor


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“I was skeptical but tried this on the advice of a friend and I’m very glad I did. The product is high-quality, very reasonably priced and I feel very good finally switching to all natural ingredients. I have used it for several weeks now and I’m excited to try the new Soda Wax scents now available. I recommend this product!”

-Jennifer B.


“Finally a natural deodorant that actually works! Love this stuff! ”

-Angela L.


“We have been searching for a deodorant that is natural and works without leaving you feeling sticky. After trying many different brands, we gave up. My sister-in-law recommended Soda Wax and so we decided to give it a try. This product really works! It held up to an entire day of teaching kindergarten and a seven mile run. I’m sold! It is also working for my husband! We have finally found our natural deodorant!!!”

-Brenda S.


“It works! This SodaWax deodorant is the best deodorant I’ve ever used! It leaves me feeling clean and smelling fresh all day even after working all day or exercising. I have kind of sensitive skin but SodaWax has never irritated my skin and it’s totally natural. Plus the tube it comes in has great design and looks good on your bathroom shelf. Do yourself a favor and get some!”

-Sarah S.


“Hands down the best deodorant! Wonderful peppermint scent and yes it really does work! Love it!”

-Jene M.


“This is a great natural deodorant that REALLY works! Awesome product and quick shipment! A+++++”

-Bill D.


“This product smells so delicious that my instinct is to use it as an all over body balm. To have so few ingredients make up such an amazing product leaves me feeling as good on the inside as I smell on the outside! Thank you for adding such NATURAL beauty to this world and putting it into my eager hands 2 days after I placed my order.”

-Stacie B.


“This does really work! I’ve tried so many “natural” deodorants and nothing worked for me. Highly recommend!”

-Christine P.


“This is the 1st natural deodorant I’ve used and I love it! I was skeptical and I’m now I am so glad I tried it. I love the peppermint scent too! I even got my husband using it. He tends to get a rash from the name brands – but not with this! I totally recommend this product!!!”

-Bonnie S.


“I purchased a few of these deodorants and tried it for the first time last night. I woke up this morning, cleaned the house along with 3 loads of laundry then took nap. 16 hours after my first and only application, I am STILL feeling fresh! I have other deodorants in the medicine cabinet from the drug store and they are being donated. I’m sold!”

-Maria Q.


“Made me smell so good I nearly licked myself. I have purchased the original version. It’s goes on a little dry but creates a non-overpowering pepperminty scent I love. Thanks so much SodaWax will be ordering again.”

-Michael P.


“Great product. Works well, and the packaging is super functional.”

-Samantha G.


“Great product- smells amazing but leaves you fresh and not smelling like a candy cane.”

-Valerie G.


“This deodorant works great – I highly recommend it to anyone looking to switch to a natural deodorant.”

-Cathy D.


“I used to use just plain coconut oil but this works so much better! And smells amazing!! Love it.”

-Lisa G.


“This has a great smell, keeps me dry and it is easy to apply!”

-Abby H.


“I’ve been using this for over a month now and I love it. It’s working better for me than commercial products ever have. I’m a fan of citrus scents and this one hits the mark. It’s fresh and subtle. And the product works very well. Better than “commercial” brands I’d been using.”

-Margaret V.


“Great natural product! I would recommend it.”

-Tamikia J.


“Great product! I have been searching for a good deodorant for some time now, and this is the ONE! It smells great and feels cool and fresh when applied. The applicator is very easy to use. Fast shipping and great communication. Thank you!!”

-Jennifer L.


“My new favorite scent! This Lemon, Grapefruit, Lime and Sweet Orange flavor of the SodaWax deodorant smells so good. It’s subtle, but fresh and delicious smelling. This deodorant works better than any commercial or natural brand I’ve ever used. It’s handmade in Seattle and the shipping is fast and free. I’m buying this as gifts for the closest people in my life because the package design is rad and everyone around me will smell amazing, get some!!”

-Sarah S.


“Great product arrived quickly, love it. I love the scent it is so yummy. I had a lump under my arm for years. The doctors said it wasn’t anything to worry about. I started using Soda Wax. The lump came to a head and then it burst and now the lump is completely gone. I love this product plus it is a wonderful deodorant.”

-Elaine B.


“This is my 4th purchase ! Super fast shipping and GREAT product!!”

-Maria Q.


“SodaWax has done the impossible and made deodorant cool. From the design to the product itself, 5 stars across the board. Will definitely purchase again.”

-Sean McG.


“So excited to see new scents, have been using the original and love it. I have my husband and sons on this as well, so glad I can have peace of mind that they are using an all NATURAL product.”

-Rich A.


“This deodorant is amazing! I love that it is all natural. My husband, teenager and I all use SodaWax. Great smelling, really works and the fun designs are a bonus. This product works!! Smells delish and works all day long. Love all the varieties. Have tried each one!”

-Nadine B.


“Natural ingredients + artisanal maker + gets the job done + smells good without being perfume-y = home run.”

-Greg C.


“I absolutely love this product.I intend to repurchase the product. It exceeded my expectations and would highly recommend it to anyone.”

-Kathryn McC.


“Amazing. This was my second SodaWax purchase and I love it as much as the first. The scent is fresh and energizing. In fact, it smells delicious. Heading out the door in the morning with a little extra pep in my step these days. I feel protected from odors while knowing I’m not absorbing harsh chemical pollutants. I am extremely happy with this brand and will continue to try other scents and look forward to more offerings from a name I can honestly trust. Give this product a try. You will not be disappointed.”

-Jen B.


“I also LOVE buying these as gifts. I’m thrilled to know I can buy them on Amazon now.”

-Tanya T.


“I stopped using ANY deodorant 3 years ago, because they ALL made me itch and break out. This Sodawax deodorant is fantastic. It works great, and there’s never any discomfort afterwards. I’ve tried several of the flavors, but I like Knotty Boy and Logger’s Friend the best.”

-Peter S.