Sugar is a natural antibacterial and preservative. Sugar paste has been used to dress wounds for decades. Here’s a link that explains in further detail: outdoorselfreliance.com

Is SodaWax an antiperspirant?

SodaWax Natural Deodorant does NOT contain aluminum therefore it is not an antiperspirant. There is no such thing as an aluminum-free antiperspirant. SodaWax does however contain tapioca flour and powdered sugar which have hydroscopic qualities that help control wetness.

Why use a natural deodorant instead of the ones you see at the grocery store?

We use only natural ingredients. Those other deodorants that most humans use contain ingredients that have been linked to Alzheimer’s disease and various cancers. These ingredients include parabens, aluminum compounds, silica, triclosan, talc, propylene glycol and steareth to name a few. These chemicals are used to mask odors and block your sweat glands from producing sweat. That doesn’t seem natural to us.

Do I use SodaWax as I would any deodorant?

Yes, but allow the deodorant to absorb into the skin before dressing. You want it on your body, not your clothes. Five minutes should do the trick!

Why does my SodaWax deodorant seem a bit softer in the Summertime?

Don’t worry, that’s natural. Our main ingredient is coconut oil which has a low melting point. You’ll notice a slight change in firmness depending on the ambient temperature but it will always maintain its solid form. Our deodorant is formulated not to liquify like other brands do, even in Summer.

Will SodaWax stain my clothes?

SodaWax Natural Deodorant is aluminum-free, so you never have to worry about those awful yellow pit-stained shirts. SodaWax is however a coconut oil-based product. Coconut oil is necessary to neutralize odor-causing bacteria. Like any oil, it has the potential to leave marks on clothing. For best results, apply deodorant to underarms after bathing and wait five minutes before dressing. This will allow the deodorant to absorb into the skin, giving you the best protection as well as minimizing oil transfer to your garments. To remove oil marks from clothing, simply presoak garment in a HOT WASH cycle with your normal laundry soap. For persistent oil marks, add a non-chlorine oxygen bleach powder (OxyClean) to your hot wash cycle.