Single Travel-Size Natural Deodorant by SodaWax™ > Any Scent (1.3oz/36g)


Aluminum-Free + Long-Lasting
A whopping 1.3oz in a pocket-size tube!
That’s at least twice the volume of our competitors’ travel size.
How do we do it? Less packaging and more deodorant!

Do you have sensitive skin? Try our baking soda-free Aloelujah™Formula




Pick any scent in our travel size twist-up MINIS!
Great for the office, purse, gym bag…

Our MINIS are at least twice the volume of our competitors’ travel size.
Traditional deodorant tubes are oval and mostly plastic and empty cavities…all to make them look bigger than they really are.
Our packaging is just designed better. Less packaging equals more deodorant!
These babies are jam-packed with deodorant, yet still small enough to fit in your pocket.

Each tube is hand-poured in small batches and is 100% natural.
We use only six simple ingredients to make our deodorant:
Coconut Oil
Powdered Sugar
Tapioca Flour
Baking Soda
Essential Oils (No Synthetic Fragrances)

In addition to being 100% natural, our ingredients are 100% edible.
You could actually eat it. Not sure why you would, but hey, you could!
Can you say that about your current deodorant?
Most other deodorants have a long list of ingredients including synthetic fragrances, sulfites, aluminum & artificial preservatives.
Some even contain ingredients linked to cancer, such as parabens, silica, triclosan, talc, propylene glycol & steareth.

So SodaWax™ is natural, but does it work?
We spent close to two years developing and testing our formula before offering it to the public.
The combination of ingredients work together to kill the odor causing bacteria, not mask it with perfumes.
It really works! …and lasts the whole day long.

Aluminum-Free Natural Deodorant by SodaWax™
American Made in Seattle WA
One 1.3 oz / 36g solid stick (TSA compliant for carry-on luggage)


Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × 3 in

Cherry Pits, Citrus, Earl Great, Early Bird, Knotty Buoy, Lime in the Coconut, Logger’s Friend, Night Owl, Om̐ Sweet Om̐, Peppermint, Powder


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